Welcome to the Joy Project!  Here’s what you can expect:


Weekly Posting Schedule

Monday:  Discipline of the Month

Tuesday:  Quote of the Day

Wednesday:  Lorie’s Journal

Thursday: Status update

Friday:  Challenges and Successes

Saturday: Off

Sunday:  Lorie’s Journal


The 12 Month Plan

January:  Prayer
February:  Understanding of and obedience to scripture
March:  Practicing God’s presence
April:  Thanksgiving and gratitude
May:  Good friends and supportive community
June:  Fruit of the spirit
July:  Trusting God’s goodness
August:  Recounting the works of God
September:  The joy of your salvation
October:  Eternal joy
November:  Joy in Disguise (suffering and trials)
December:  Celebration



 While I’ve been both writing and counseling for quite some time now, I am not, alas, perfect.  (Despite my best, yet desperately fallen, efforts.)  I won’t always get things exactly right, though I will always strive for accuracy, and therefore am not liable for content that occasionally misses the mark ever so slightly.  My promise to you is to be gracious and honest, and I hope you will do the same.


Bless you!